Pennacook Art Center


Rumford, ME


Pennacook Art Center is a grassroots nonprofit cooperative group of artists from the mountains of Western Maine.
Our mission is simply to encourage the arts and artists in our local communities.
We do art shows in local venues (both one-time and ongoing), sponsor classes and workshops, and meet regularly for critiques and fun. You can visit our gallery space in the River Valley Technology Center at 60 Lowell Street in Rumford, Maine. It is open Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
For a list of current shows, classes, and workshops, see our blog.
Thank you for coming to look at our art! If you would like to be on our mailing list or join us as a member, email us at
You can search the galleries on this site if you want to see the work of a specific artist.



Old Quarry Beach, Stonington, ME by Barbara Smith-Baker


Turkey Trio by Barbara Smith-Baker


The Guard Swan by Barbara Smith-Baker


Bar Harbor view from Cadillac by Barbara Smith-Baker


Crackpot Ninja Warrior from Maine by Mike Breau


Early Morning Walk by Carole Rickards


Sunflowers by Chris Wing


Mallards by Brenda Baker


Top of the Hill by Chris Wing


Henry's Barn by Carole Rickards


Yesterday's Butterflies by Chris Wing


Mallards by Olga Wing


Moving Waters by Chris Wing


Birches Along the Androscoggin River by Brenda Baker


Luna with a Star by Chris Wing


The Season Has Changed by Chris Wing


Lilies And Kitty by Olga Wing


The Favorite by Olga Wing


Hoodend Mergansers by Olga Wing


Eagle Eye View by Olga Wing


Midnight Dancer by Olga Wing


Main Street Andover by Randall Rickards


Moose at Baxter State Park by Brenda Baker


Spring Planting by Chris Howe


Pecking Through Rain Sleet and Snow by Carole Rickards


Spring Storm by Chris Howe


Spruce Twig by Betsy Gray Bell


Silhouette of Indian Life by Brenda Baker


Story Time by Betsy W Gray


Rumford Point Looking West by Chris Howe


Mama Moose and Calf by Brenda Baker


Mixed Sunflowers by Chris Wing


Red Fox Morning Hunt by Brenda Baker


Windjammer Reflection by Erica Rickards


Mushroom Stump by Carole Rickards


Aspen Aura by Carole Rickards


Bear River by Chris Wing


Birches by Betsy Gray Bell


Winter Afternoon by Brenda Baker


Bridge by Chris Howe


Kingfisher by Brenda Baker


Philodendron in Glass by Betsy Gray Bell


Fall Colors Near Zion by Barbara Smith-Baker


Bigelow Mt View by Barbara Smith-Baker


Medicine Bow Peak by Barbara Smith-Baker


Medicine Bow Vista by Barbara Smith-Baker


Grand Canyon by Barbara Smith-Baker